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HulaRez Services is retiring ...
... and while we will miss our devoted clients,
we are happy about this.


  • 4,482,406 Reservations
  • 3,698,832 Passengers
  • $353,781,111.99 Processed

    HulaRez has been a solid, proven activity reservation system built on the world’s best database, Oracle.  The software was in continuous production use since its first customer went live in 2003, and without a single major outage or any data loss … ever.  That first customer (USS Missouri Memorial Association) was the last to go.

    HulaRez automated all leisure activity business processes including managing inventory, setting commissions, making reservations, invoicing customers, and analyzing results through numerous reports.  Users could identify your most profitable products, promotions, employees, and relationships.  All of this was done in real-time via the Internet.

    If you were an activity provider, the system allowed sales agents to book from your real-time inventory.  If you were a sales agent, you could book reservations for a number of different providers from a single login, with no telephone calls to make.  Additionally, whether you were a provider or agent, your customers can book those reservations directly themselves using their computer, tablet, or smart phone.

    By providing HulaRez as a Service, we removed most of the burden of using a business-critical software system.  Our customers provided workstations, printers, and an Internet connection.  We provided the software, servers, operating systems, maintenance, programmers, system administrator, database administrator, backups, and customer support.  All at a very reasonable price.

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